Main Functionality

How to navigate Prime's main functionality


Prime Protocol supports several different assets across several different blockchains. These assets are always on the dashboard at all times, with assets that you’ve deposited automatically listed at the top of the window. To deposit on Prime, first connect your wallet. Next, select the asset and the chain you want to deposit on in the filter menu under “Deposits.” Hit the deposit arrow to bring up the deposit menu. Here, you can either type in a custom deposit amount, or deposit a certain percentage based on the amount in your portfolio. After confirming the transaction, you have officially deposited collateral into Prime! You can repeat this process with any number of assets you wish to deposit into the protocol.


After you’ve deposited collateral into Prime, you can now borrow against the value of your collateral. To initiate a borrow, head to the “Borrows” section of the dashboard. You can filter by asset and network to quickly find the asset you want to borrow from the protocol. Once you’ve located the asset you wish to borrow, click the borrow button. Enter in the amount you’d like to borrow or select the percentage you wish to borrow. You can use Universal Access by selecting a Gas Network to initiate your transaction on any chain if you wish. Click borrow and confirm your transaction to complete your borrow!


If you’d like to repay a borrow you made on Prime, head back to the Borrow section of the dashboard. Choose your asset and your network you’d like to repay via the filter menu, and click the repay button after you’ve located the asset. Enter the amount you’d like to repay or select from the percentages listed. Click repay, and confirm your transaction. Your balance will now reflect according to your transaction.


To withdraw collateral from Prime, head back to the Deposits section of the dashboard and choose which asset and network you’d like to withdraw from via the Filter menu. Once you’ve located your asset - click the withdraw button and enter in the amount you’d like to withdraw or choose from a specific percentage. Universal Access is available for use on withdrawals, so choose a different Gas Network if you’d like to initiate your withdrawal from a different chain than your asset is currently on. After you’ve entered those details, click withdraw and confirm your transaction. Once your transaction has been processed, your assets will be back in your wallet!

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